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Confidence Petroleum India Limited is a BSE listed company by virtue of its entrepreneurial skills, innovative strategies and seamless execution, emerging as one of the fastest growing and leading private sector organization in India. The group has diversified business interests in the energy sector with significant presence in the LPG Energy. Keeping pace with the nation’s energy requirements.

Network of 58 LPG Bottling & Blending Plants ,196 Auto LPG Dispensing Stations ,  Experienced Professionals,  800+ Dealers & Distributors,Highest Quality Talent , Present in 22 Indian states

Confidence Group was established in 1997 since then it is serving the nation. Since then it is transforming energy to much cleaner, safer, affordable, reliable source of fuel. The only aim confidence group carries is to reach every home & be used in every vehicle. Over the years it has grown & still expanding, transforming energy into different resources

Confidence Group is a vertically integrated company, the cylinder manufacturing units assist in providing an in house infrastructure for its LPG Cylinder marketing (Go Gas), which is further supported by LPG Bottling & Blending and blending units. Further, the LPG Bottling & Blending units also serve as a hub to store Auto LPG Dispensing Stations for logistical advantages, a rare combination amongst the industry players. The Packaged Cylinder segment and Auto LPG Dispensing Stations industry has received strong tailwinds from various state Governments and central government owing to their stable prices and in a bid to curb emissions and pollutions.

Cylinder Manufacturing Flagship service for more than 26 years :

Confidence Petroleum is serving nationwide. The company is Asia’s largest LPG cylinder manufacturer with 16 facilities having an installed capacity of around 42 lakh cylinders per annum. Its 7.5 lakh unit per annum plant in Halol in Gujarat is a 100% export oriented unit (EOU).

The range manufactured at the Vizag plant will have all the regular sizes & comply with various quality requirements both in India & International markets. The plant also has the capability to provide complete range of High pressure cylinders for various applications like Medical Oxygen, Industrial Gases, Nitrogen cylinders, and cylinders for other Hi-Pressure gases.

Our cylinder manufacturing process ensures the best quality material combined with superior workmanship. We have implemented state of the art testing & quality measures within our plants. Right from the raw material to the workmanship and the essential pressure testing, every stage of the final product is monitored for excellence & safety. Besides, thanks to our in house quality assurance measures, our cylinders confirm to Local & international standards. Any cylinder which rolls out of our plants confirms to the highest national standard – ISI and can be guaranteed for its safety.

With Rich 25 year’s consistent experience, we cater to Our Major PSU’s like Oil Majors Bharat petroleum, Hindustan Petroleum, Indian Oil, and private players like Reliance, Shell

LPG Bottling & Blending Service:

Confidence Group has installed 58 LPG Bottling & Blending plants in 19 states at strategic locations. These LPG Bottling & Blending plants are currently used for Oil major PSUs to cater to the growing demand of LPG with reduced transportation. With reduced transportation, the direct & indirect savings accumulate. Oil majors Like BPCL, HPCL, IOCL, & Reliance group are presently using this service at various locations across India.

Our LPG Bottling & Blending plants are duly licensed by PESO and this is the reason why all our plants are well secured for all the safety measures. The well blended mixture of LPG is received from the nearby Bulk LPG sources refineries/ Import Terminal it is then unloaded safely in storage tanks through proper leak proof pipelines. Later this gas is filled in Cylinders. In order to prevent any mishaps of any kind of dangerous explosion, before & after quality checks are done which are the most important criteria in this process. Close check is given for Blow cavity of the valve outlet with air in case any water is observed. Later security cap is fixed on the valve outlet.

This not the end of the process, rather it starts off, then all the cylinders have to go through rigorous Statutory tests & quality checks to assure 100% safety, till the time it reaches to the end consumer.  Quality control checks :1- Weight test  2- Valve test to check any leakage   3- Self closing valve test   4- Inline test   5- Dip test the equipment is used to detect leakage :  Confidence Petroleum is the Largest LPG Bottler in PAN India. Its operations & plants are located across India These plants are logistically well situated to cater to the needs of Consuming centers. Company owns 58 plants & Company’s upcoming project for LPG Bottling & Blending is 16approx & in near future Confidence Group aims to reach the pinnacle with its precious 100 LPG Bottling & Blending Plants across the Nation.

Packed LPG Marketing :

.Confidence group is marching towards the new era & adopting innovative ideas time to time this is the reason why it opted & brought ahead its own brand in LPG Packed cylinder section in the year 2012.Revolution & entrepreneurship is seen in every section at Confidence :Range Of Products: Go Gas (Metal Cylinder): 12Kg, 15Kg, 17Kg, 21kg, 33Kg These cylinders are used majorly for Industrial, Commercial Sector here we are at advantage in terms of weight & Prices as govt. subsidies are not applicable in these sections we provide Gas which is much cleaner & pocket friendly prices.


Packed LPG Marketing (Composite) :

Confidence Petroleum Limited (BSE: 526829), India’s largest LPG cylinder manufacturer and one of the largest LPG retailers, has launched the Composite Cylinders in India under the brand ‘GoGas Elite’. The company will market and distribute these composite cylinders through its subsidiary, Confidence Futuristic Energetech Limited in the year 2017.

The “GoGas Elite” composite cylinders, ideal for the domestic and commercial use, weigh about 50% lesser than conventional steel cylinders. These are blast-proof and hence, much safer. Moreover, the advanced cylinders enable consumers monitor the gas level at any given point of time, thereby helping them track consumption and replace the cylinders on time, resulting in zero wastage.

“Go Gas Elite has brought the latest world class technology in India for the first time. These cylinders have been certified safe by PESO the explosives department of the government of India. 70 crore people use LPG and given the advantages of composite cylinders, we expect most of the people eventually switching to using them. Composite cylinders are extremely popular in America, Japan, Australia and many European countries and have been in use for many years now. Confidence Group aims to be in every household. We plan to have presence PAN India till 2025 & capture the market positively.

The “GoGas Elite” composite cylinders are available in varying sizes of 2 kgs., 5 kgs., 10 kgs. and 20 kgs. These are available through the company’s dealer and distributor network across the city. These cylinders are ideal for households as well as the commercial establishments in HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants & Cafes) industry.

Auto LPG Dispensing Stations Dispensing Stations:

GoGas is the brand name of our Auto LPG Dispensing Stations supplied and marketed by Confidence Petroleum all over India since year 2008. As the name signifies, you can GO to everyplace by means of GAS as fuel. This is a safer, greener & cleaner solution to the increasing pollution all around. With the ever increasing fuel prices common man today has an opportunity to look at another option as fuel this is an industry with tremendous growth opportunity.  The ever increasing pressure on limited supply of conventional fuel & their ever increasing prices are forcing consumers & vehicle manufacturers to a more reliable, consistent & stable alternative fuel system.Go Gas Auto LPG Dispensing Stations are carrying out purchase, storage, sale of Auto LPG Dispensing Stations by virtue of License offered by the Chief Controller of Explosives under static & mobile pressure vessels. Along with Govt. supplier’s private sector has stood at the same edge of PSU’s to serve nation in terms supply of fuel that is much cleaner, efficient & convenient to use. GoGas has instituted 196 Auto LPG Dispensing Stations spanning PAN India. The team aims to setup 250 stations in the near futureEconomical: 35-40% cost saving in comparison to petrol.  Efficient: Improves engine life and reduces recurring maintenance costs. Easy: Trouble-free conversion of petrol/diesel vehicles to run on GoGas using Auto LPG Dispensing Stations conversion kits.

Management Confidence Petroleum  

Top Level Management Confidence Petroleum: Mr. Nitin Khara (CMD & Owner Confidence Petroleum) : Mr. Elesh Khara (Director) : Mr. Yatin  Khara (Director) :Mr. Vimal Parval (Director) :Mr. Jitendra Jain :Mr. Satish Chandak (President)


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